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Terms and Conditions

Please contact us with any enquiries at info@midlandscompost.co.uk

1. Cancellation/Returns Policy

Orders placed are subject to a 14 days cooling off period from the date the order is placed or within 7 days after delivery.

In the first instance any return requests must be made via email to info@midlandscompost.co.uk, stating the reason why you require this.
A full refund will be issued minus any delivery charges.
Any bags requiring collection must be left in an agreed area in the front of the property and refunds will be issued via bank transfer with in 7 days of collection.
It is possible that any bags collected will be subject to a weight check and any weight under 20kg will be charged at £2 per 5 kg (£2 minimum charge) plus a £2 admin charge.

2. Supply of Products

Products are sold under the express understanding that:

The customer and the company are contracting in the course of their respective business and except as stated in writing by the company no condition or warranty is given or implied by law, custom, usage or otherwise as to the quality or fitness for any purpose of the goods sold by the company.
We cannot guarantee that the appearance and/or colours of products shown on this site exactly reproduce the appearance and/or colours of the physical products themselves. Natural products may show some colour variations. All sizes quoted are approximate.
The customer understands that products are measured when packed and due to the nature of the products a degree of settlement will occur.

If you are dissatisfied with the standard of products then there will be no charge this being collected and in the first instance an email stating the reasons why you are dissatisfied must be sent to info@midlamdscompost.co.uk
We will issue full refund within 7 days of collection (minus delivery charge).

3. Delivery

All orders are subject to a £2 delivery charge unless stipulated in writing.
Should any damage be caused to your property or grounds during delivery then we must be informed within 24hours of your delivery via email to info@midlandscompost.co.uk with photos showing the damage caused.
This will then be passed over to our insurance company.

4. Complaints

Any complaints on our service must be in writing to info@midlandscompost.co.uk

Should anyone not have access to emails for any of the above then please post these to:

Midlands Compost
47 Barnwell Drive
NN10 9HR

We will increase the period of time on the timescales of these if posted by 3 days to allow the post to reach us.
Rushden Compost recommend sending this via recorded delivery, as without proof of postage, we will be unable to pursue any complaint or collection after the cooling off period unless there is proof of when this was posted.

5. Privacy

Rushden Compost does not store financial details (credit or debit card numbers). Our Privacy Policy can be found at https://www.midlandscompost.co.uk/privacy-policy/

If you would like a copy of our terms and conditions please send a request in writing to the address above.