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3 for £15 Bark Mulch


Get 3 50litre Bags of Bark Mulch for just £15.

Our fresh locally sourced bark mulch is perfect for decoration, plant protection and much more.

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The rustic appearance make it a popular product for mulching, as many gardeners prefer the natural appearance of bark rather than using a colour in contrast to the soil, such as when gravel or wood chips are used.

Bark mulch or chippings can be used on paths to prevent muddy areas due to excess wear, but unless they are large or thick pieces, they are unlikely to be as long-lasting as hardwood chippings or Play -grade bark.

Our bark mulch is perfect for:

  • Plant protection
  • Appearance of borders
  • Decoration
  • Horses
  • Chicken pens
  • Play areas (not recommended for walking on bare foot).

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